Beach Leash advise?

Does anyone know any good leashes that are good for going to the beach? 

I recently got a really long, I think it’s 25ft yellow lightweight leash for Rin for the beach, so she can run and drag it and I can still catch her if need be. I attached it to her no slip collar and let her go. Well, sand got into the clip that attaches the leash to the collar- and jammed. I can’t get if off. Which I still use to let her go in the water, ect at the beach- I just don’t want to walk her to and from my car on a 25ft rope leash, or just for a walk on the beach in generally. Basically I only use that one when I’m secluded enough to let her run around- I know of a few secluded beaches but since it’s a good hour and 15 minute drive I don’t go there all too often. 

Same thing happened with my spare leash- except it got jammed open, and I only used it to tie her to my chair under the umbrella in the sand. 

So, I need some advise. Does anyone know any good clip that won’t jam at the beach? I hate for my last leash to get jammed, especially on the gentle leader- the only walking tool I have left for her before I get another no slip collar. Or do I just have to use a slip leash? 


I need to just spam this all over my facebook all day long


I need to just spam this all over my facebook all day long

I feel so bad, having my betta with fin rot in a quarantine tank next to my bed, I now know why he’s so skinny- he was grabbing the pellets, trying to chew them but was spitting them out in the back of the tank. I didn’t see this before :[ I feel like such a bad betta mommy. Now I’m crushing them with my fingernail and he’s able to eat them completely! Time to fatten you up betta boy (I think I’m probably going to name him Charmin though). 

Last night durring my 100% wc I didn’t add any salt, he was looking pretty bad, lethargic, hanging out at the bottom- it scared me so I didn’t add the salt this time. Still adding the stresscoat though. He’s much better today, flaunting around. 

where are my glasses?

anyone who’s ever had glasses (via proctalgia)

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Some Tom Riddle cosplay for Comic Con today

Jensen on how he created Demon!Dean and how Demon!Dean ~ticks (x)

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My desktop bowl(3-4 gallons heated an filtered don’t worry!) that amuses me while I draw/surf the interwebs. Home to the mighty STEVE(long may he reign) successor to Sarcomere(the magnificent) And a few cherry shrimps. His name is Steve due to the little patch of white on his chin making him a rather patriotic set of colors.. Almost like a certain super hero…

This bowl is amazing!! Where do you find a bowl that size? I’ve never seen one so big.

Craft stores!



Animal anatomy!


Animal anatomy!

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pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything